About us


Martel Panels was founded in 2004 in Thomasville, Georgia to produce the world’s finest marine panels. We specialize in custom made panels to fit every application, from small production boats to superyachts. The management team at Martel Panels has over 60 years of combined design and engineering experience in the marine and manufacturing markets.  We are highly skilled at working with our customers to produce the right product for the desired application at a competitive price.

Whilst the marine market remains important to our business, we have worked hard to expand and diversify our product line into the building, transport and offshore markets.  We also provide innovative panel and product solutions for commercial interiors and offshore living quarters. 


The strength of our company is our versatility in manufacturing panels to meet various criteria.  We custom build for our clients to meet their specific needs.  In addition, we bring experience, quality, honesty, and integrity to all that we do.

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