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To compliment the panels that we manufacture, Martel Panels also supplies a range of synergistic products and expertise.  We partner with companies that provide superior products that meet the requirements of our clients while exceeding expectations in terms of quality, value and support. 


We work closely with a number of well respected compaines worldwide:

Engineering & consultancy services providing innovative solutions for noise & vibration control. 

  • Acoustic and vibration engineering & testing facility.

       (Profile below).

Larcore - Alumnium Honeycomb Panels for Transport & Industry.  

Lightweight solutions for ships, trains, elevators, buses and aircrafts.

  • MED approval – IMO Modules B+D (for surface materials and floor coverings with low flame-spread characteristics (veneers and floorings) 

  • IMO FTPC Part 1 – Class C non-combustible

  • Certified C class (SOLAS, IMO, MED).

  • Panel widths from 1m - 1.5m wide x up to 6.25m long.

  • Panel thicknesses from 6mm-40mm in any increment.

  • Aluminum joiner profiles available for 10mm and 20mm thick panels; clear anodized finish. 

Martel Panels are the exclusive distributors for Lethe in North America.

  • Interior hinged fire doors. (A60 & B15 rated).

  • Interior fire-rated wall & ceiling panel systems. (B15 & C rated).

  • Wet-units.

  • Exterior doors:

    • Sliding doors (weather tight and ballistic)

    • Hinged doors (weather tight, water tight, A60)

    • Pantograph (weather tight, water tight, ballistic)

    • Service flaps and hatches

    • Windbreaker


Lightweight stonewool rolls and slabs to meet IMO thermal, acoustic, fire and non-combustible requirements. 

  • Fire protection for vessels, passengers and components.

  • Increases the heating and cooling economy of ships and improves passenger comfort.

  • Good acoustic properties.

  • Insulation facing materials are functional and easy to clean.

Non-combustible mineral wool insulation products combining the performance benefits of glasswool and stonewool.

  • Excellent thermal and acoustic performance

  • Highest performance in fire safety and high temperature operation

  • Significant time, space and weight savings

  • Excellent comfort and safety

Italian manufacturer of marine and offshore interior fire rated doors, wall panels, ceilings and hatches.

  • A and B fire-rated interior hinged fire doors and hatches.

  • A and B fire-rated interior sliding fire doors and hatched.

  • B15 and C-class fire-rated ceiling solutions.

Mascoat is the global leader in thermal insulating coatings and sound control solutions

  • Thermal & anti-condensation coatings.

  • Sound control coatings (to reduce noise and vibration levels).

  • VBS Isolation Mounts & Rail System.

Bolton Gate Company is one of the most well known and respected names in the door and shutter manufacturing industry.

  • A0 rated roller shutter doors

  • Fire-rated doors, curtains & barriers.

TEBUL has been designing and manufacturing water tight bulkhead sliding doors since 1961.  Their self-tightening watertight bulkhead sliding door is a fourth-generation product and is approved to be installed into A-60 bulkheads.

  • For use in luxury yachts, cruise liners, ferries, icebreakers, research vessels, commercial & offshore vessels...

  • Can be fit into Steel, Aluminum and FRP structures.

  • Manufactured as a compact unit that is ready to be installed.

  • Fully electric, silent operation.

Clad Rex, LLC is America’s most reliable, innovative manufacturer of vinyl clad metal and prepainted steel and aluminum coils, sheets and blanks.

  • Available in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures.

  • Extremely resistant to scratches, abrasions, and fingerprints.

  • Withstands harsh cleaning agents and endures daily wear and tear better than painted metal.

One of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of drive systems for ship doors and doors for offshore applications.

  • Marine interior sliding fire doors.  (A60 & B15 rated).

  • Modular door drive systems.  (Belt or chain drive).


Van Cappellen Consultancy are the leading marine acoustic experts with a world-wide reputation for excellence in design and implementation of acoustic and fire protection systems.  Founded in 1984, Van Cappellen Consultancy uses the latest engineering tools to assist clients on any size project and in every step of construction, from concept to final testing. 


They start with reviewing the contractual noise and vibration limits for feasibility, to designing the insulation treatments using the latest drafting tools and then move on to FEA and SEA predictive analysis.  Finally, having completed on-site inspections of the project during construction, they will do sea trial testing of the finished project to ensure that it has met all required specifications.  Van Cappellen Consultancy prides itself in designing systems that will meet their client's needs, not ours. 


Martel Panels is extremely proud to partner with Van Cappellen Consultancy to provide the materials required to ensure your project meets the standards, specifications and quality that one should expect.

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