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Panel Types

Martel Panels manufactures and supplies a wide range of panels.  The panels are either Acoustic or Non-Acoustic, Structural or Non-Structural.  A wide variety of outer skins, core materials, acoustic levels and fire-ratings are available depending on the application. 


Our highly skilled technical department is always available to work with you to  produce the right product for the desired application.

The following is a short list of panel categories available from Martel Panels:


AC –

Acoustic, structural.  Very good sound performance at an economical price.


Acoustic, non structural. Use for vertical, non weight bearing walls.


AR –
Acoustic, structural. This is a heavy mass acoustic panel; provides excellent sound performance and vibration damping.


CD –
This panel is designed to replace current cores (such as balsa or foam) to provide excellent sound deadening and vibration reduction.


LB –
A light weight balsa core panel for use in structural areas.


LP –
A light weight structural panel with various core and skin options.


NC -

Non-combustible and/or fire rated panels for use in specialty applications.


NS –
A light weight core panel for use in non structural areas.


We can also custom build any panel you need, including one-off specialty items and curved shaped panels.  Please call for details.

Acoustic Panels


Martel Panels manufactures a wide range of acoustic panels varying in size and thickness, with STC factors of 40+, depending on thickness and core type used.


Custom sizes and cores are also available.

Light Weight Structural & Non-Structural


Martel Panels manufactures structural, light weight panels utilizing  various cores and densities. Panel sizes and thicknesses can be customized to meet your needs.  An acoustic core material can also be incorporated into a sandwich construction, depending on requirements.


Non-structural light weight panels are traditionally used vertical and/or non weight bearing applications.

Curved Panels


Martel Panels is one of the few panel manufacturers that can custom build curved panels.  We offer a multitude of radii and incorporate various core materials and finish surfaces.     

Oversized Panels


Martel Panels is capable of manufacturing panels up to 11’x17’ or 9' x 39' with both seamed and unseamed faces.  Panels can be engineered and manufactured using multiple individual components in a single panel.



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