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Light Weight Structural Panels


Martel Panels manufactures structural, light weight panels utilizing  various cores and densities. Panel sizes and thicknesses can be customized to meet your needs.  An acoustic core material can also be incorporated into a sandwich construction, depending on requirements.

LP Series

A light weight structural panel with various core and skin options.

(PVC and PET foams as well as Aluminum and Polypropylene honeycomb

cores are most prevalent.  Various densities are available depending on the specification and performance requirements). 


LB Series

A light weight balsa core panel for use in structural areas.



Light Weight Non-Structural Panels


Similar to the structural panels above, Martel Panels also manufactures non-structural, light weight panels.  Many of the same options are available, but often times with alternative and/or less dense core and skin materials.  Panel sizes and thicknesses are also customized to meet your needs.  Acoustic core materials and sandwich construction also available in this panel range.  


Non-structural light weight panels are traditionally used vertical and/or non weight bearing applications.


NS Series

A light weight core panel for use in non structural areas.


We manufacture panels with a multitude of skins and core materials. We are also specialists in multi layer cores for special applications (combining light weight & acoustic materials, for instance).  Click below for some of the many possibilities:


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